Press Release -- Compression Adds Digibot II 3D Digitizing System

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Compression, Inc. Adds Digibot II 3D Laser Digitizing System to Growing
Arsenal of Advanced Design Tools
Austin, TX : Compression, Inc., an engineering design services company, is
aggressively implementing new technologies for their product design and
manufacturing processes that result in significant reductions in
development time. The recent installation of a Digibot II 3D Digitizing
System at their expanded site in Irvine, California represents the latest
addition to their range of leading edge technologies. Design engineers at
Compression are primarily using the Digibot II for reverse engineering and
geometric verification applications. "Accuracy and quality of data were
main considerations in evaluating 3D scanning systems. We found that the
Digibot met our advanced digitizing criteria as well as output data
directly compatible with ProE software," states Matthew Michaelis, Design
Engineer at Compression.
Todd Ray, Director of Technology at Compression, states his intentions for
the Digibot are not only for currently developed applications, but also
include, "development of new techniques for automating our tooling and
manufacturing processes." For example, automated registration of parts and
tools incorporated into advanced CNC machining processes can substantially
reduce production time. Steve Koch, president of Digibotics comments,
"This represents an excellent opportunity for us to work with a customer on
new applications utilizing our digitizing technology. Todd Ray has clearly
identified some very exciting projects."
About Digibotics: Based in Austin, Texas, Digibotics produces the DIGIBOT
II 3D Laser Digitizer, a high performance 3-D input device that combines
laser ranging technology and personal computing. Using four-axis scanning
capabilities, the DIGIBOT provides a fast, simple, and accurate way to copy
or inspect complex, sculpted surfaces. By measuring sequential points and
producing a standard list of x/y/z coordinates, the DIGIBOT interfaces to
any CAD/CAM/CAE imaging or animation software that reads 3-D points,
contours, and triangular facets. The Digibot II can be used in many
industrial and academic applications involving 3-D design, inspection,
replication, analysis, visualization, and animation. The Digibotics web
site is located at
About Compression: Compression is a single-source solution for a broad
range of integrated product development services designed to help compress
time to market and enhance product design, engineering and
manufacturability. Specific services include computer aided design (CAD),
computer aided engineering (CAE), rapid prototyping (SLA, SLS, SGC, FDM),
metal casting patterns, CNC machining, urethane casting, bridge tooling and
low volume production. We seek to use each discipline to its maximum
capability and have focused on integrating our technologies so projects
flow seamlessly through the entire product development process. The
Compression web site is located at

Digibotics, Inc.

2800 Longhorn Blvd., Ste. 104
Austin, Texas 78758
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