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Date: Mon Jul 21 1997 - 17:59:16 EEST

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Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 08:00:23 -0400 (EDT)
From: (Elaine Persall)
Subject: salary update

Southeast (yearly)
>RP operator: 40-45K
>RP Manager: 55-70K
>RP post processor: 25-30K
>RP CAD: 32-45K
>RP technician: 35-45K
>SLA Program Manager: $55K

 Non-US (monthly)
 RP Manager:US 2600.00 ( Qualification Engineering degree)
 RP post processor: US 800.00 (junior technician)
RP CAD:US US 1200.00 (Qualification Engineer degree)
 RP technician: US 100 (qualification Technical Certificate level)

> RP operator: Anywhere from $7/hr. to 36k/year. $7/hr will clean
machine, perform rough break-out. 36K will set up build, schedule part

builds, verify shrinkage, etc. Education is not important. Good math and

spacial skills needed for higher salary.
> RP Manager: For a large number of machines, with control of customer
service, would start at 45k with at least 5 years experience in RP field.

60k is more like it with ME or equiv. degree and experience at one of the

big guys (GM lab, 3D, DTM, Helisys, Boeing, etc.)
> RP post processor: $12/hr. is good average.
> RP CAD: $25/hr for Pro/E trained draftsman(or woman)
> RP technician $7/hr. for cleanup, etc., $10/hr. for build maintenance.

West: RP Everything (except CAD). $47,373
     Build models of mechanical parts from CAD design data using Rapid

     Prototyping equipment. Use system software to prepare input data.

     Schedule work to meet customer requirements. Keep records of incoming

     jobs and archives of data files. Comply with environmental and safety

     requirements.. This job is approximately 30% computer work, 50%
hands-on bench work,
     and 20% customer interface.

Engineer doing RP $49K
Engineering is considered engineering.

Opinions, suggestions, and other controversial matter VOID where prohibited.
Elaine (Persall) Hunt, Director
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