RIM machine for sale

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Date: Mon Jul 21 1997 - 21:38:25 EEST

Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) machine for sale

- TWR 1000 Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) machine
- Purchased from T.W. RIM Technology in April, 1996.

- Metering Assembly: Two positive displacement gear pumps, synchronized
electronic motor drives with drive indexers with variable flow rates and
variable ratio by electronic thumb wheels.
- Resin Feed Assembly: Ten-Gallon stainless steel vacuum/hold tank equipped
with an air-motor driven agitator, air-motor silencer, sight tube for
visual level control, bottom outlet, material shut-off valve, calrod type
heater embedded in heat compound, J thermocouple, proportional heat
controller and an insulated hose to the resin gear pump.
- Hardener Feed Assembly: Same as Resin Feed Assembly
- Remote Dyna-stat Mix Gun: Twelve ft. of heated fluid hoses, J
thermocouples, proportional heat controllers, solvent purge port and 20
spare mixers.
- "L" Shaped Boom mounted on the portable main frame of the system with
balancer for supporting the hoses and gun.
- Solvent/Air purge Tank with solvent hose to the gun.
- Controls: Main on/off switch, RPM digital readouts for the gear pumps, 3
counters for setting shot volume, pot-life timer with alarm and emergency
stop button (voltage 220 single phase).
- $8,000 or best offer.

Contact Ed Dinneweth for more information
(248) 588-1742

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