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Date: Tue Jul 22 1997 - 17:57:20 EEST

At 05:33 PM 7/22/97, you wrote:
>Dear RP'ers,
>Are there any industrial designers out there with experience in Alias 3D
>Studio and Studio Paint? I'm interested in knowing how the two fit in to
>the 'design cycle'.
>Also, do any of you know of a dedicated internet forum for industrial
>designers (similar to this?).
>Anthony Honeyfield.

My exp. with Alias in the product development/ID/design phase is that is is
very important to UNDERSTAND when to STOP using Alias... I understand and
fully appreciate the neccessity of Alias... However, Alias is not a CAD/CAM

Importing Alias Surface files to PRO-E can create more work and extend the
developmental time-line, depending upon the complexity of the design.

I have rebuilt simple parts in PRO-E because the surface geometry was not
"truely flat", "square" etc.

Alias is a excellent "front end" design tool. However, the surfaces created
are not always truely closed surfaces. Specifically, the edges where
surfaces meet are not seen as "closed" when importing to PRO or SDRC.
Unfortunately, RP machines and systems must have a closed .STL file to
produce a good part.

For more info check the IDSA page ----
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