RE: Industrial Designers?

From: Brock Hinzmann (
Date: Tue Jul 22 1997 - 21:00:50 EEST

Try also
for a selected list of ID org websites, including the IDSA national web
site (which I had difficulty getting into), the DMI Web site (which has a
Dialogues page that I also had trouble getting into; not my day), a few
IDSA chapter web sites, a couple sites in the UK, one for Sweden, and so
forth, although I don't know how many have chat rooms. Once you are in the
CORE web site, try also the Chit-Chat page, or go there directly at:
where at least one of the strings is related to Anthony's subject,
although it didn't seem very informative (the longest string was on salaries, of

Brock Hinzmann
SRI International

Anthony Honeyfield wrote:
>Dear RP'ers,
>Are there any industrial designers out there with experience in Alias 3D
>Studio and Studio Paint? I'm interested in knowing how the two fit in
>the 'design cycle'.
>Also, do any of you know of a dedicated internet forum for industrial
>designers (similar to this?).
>Anthony Honeyfield.

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