Why RP? Stress Analysis....

From: Christian Antoniutti (antoniutti@uniud.it)
Date: Wed Jul 23 1997 - 11:53:41 EEST

Hi to all RP Community members,

I am doing some research on mechanical behaviour (stress and strain
measurement) of RP models compared to the original parts.
I wondered if this topic has been investigated...
I noticed that the mayor concern of RP People is to get better materials
and to achieve the best Rapid Tooling...
I thought it could be possible to create RP parts in materials that are
different from the real part and do experimental testing (strain gages,
SPATE or others, photoelasticity, etc.) and compare the results, without
the aim of having the same (or similar) material, but considering that
you have different material.

Anyone has some experience in this field, or some opinion that convinces
me that this is not feasible??

Thank you all

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*    Department of Mechanical Engineering - DIEGM
*    University of Udine
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