Re: Injection Mold Tool Backfill

Date: Thu Jul 24 1997 - 05:23:20 EEST

aluminum filled epoxy is used to backfill mold for injection molding. 1/4" or 3/8" copper tubing is first laid in to remove heat with cooling water, then the expoxy is pored in. the mold are good for 250-500 shots, or if lucky, a thousand shots. this info is from a lecture by Paul Jacobs last spring.

mike doty

>>Who has experience backfilling large QC patterns (18 x18 x 3/4) with
>>a compatible material? My purpose is to save time on machines while
>>providing a strong enough model for injection molding.

>>What is that material?

>>What equipment is needed?

>>What procedure is used?

>>What pitfalls are there to be avoided?

mike doty

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