Converting STL

From: Leonel Graça (
Date: Thu Jul 24 1997 - 12:20:16 EEST


Hi world-wide-everybody

I can not understand why there is a need to convert or machine on STL files. My understanding of STL was, that STL were final OUTPUT files, with facets sliced layer by layer for RP. That should mean that you loose a lot of part definition. Still, people talk about converting STL back to IGES or other. I believed that converting STL files was some kind of last resource for cases of loosing original files by some Murphy’s law. But, I have to admit my analysis to be wrong.

If you have transferring standards like IGES, VDAFS, DXF, STEP, etc plus independent converter applications from major CAD systems native formats to those standards, why use STL? Could someone clear what I am missing here? Thanks


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