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 Date: 97-07-24 00:41:35 EDT
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      Anyone know how to reach Erkut Negis, formerly of New Silkroad
 International, an RP consulting firm in Boston? I heard he has gone back to
 Turkey, but don't have an e-mail or fax for him.
      Thanks if you can help.
 Best regards,
 Marshall Burns

Hi Marshall:

Erkut has indeed gone back to Turkey, however he may not be reachable since
he's performing his military duty. This was going to be of indeterminate
duration, something like 8 to 18 months starting last March or so.

Thus, his contact information may or may not work, but here it is:

 Faith University
                        Phone : 90 (212) 872-6122/ 324
                        Fax : 90 (212) 872-6120

BTW Erkut has a web page in Turkish which might be of interest and have more
up to date info on contacting him:

 My Autofabrication report is on the internet. Although it is written in
 Turkish, I hope over 130 pictures could be interesting for you. I'll write
 it in english when I return from military.
 Initially my purpose was to briefly explain the autofabrication technology
 to Turkish people. So, instead of using RP or STL I used the name OPI
 (Otomatik Parça Insa) Teknolojisi, which means "automated part construction
 please check the web site:

Hope this is a help to you and we send our best regards.


Ed Grenda
AutoFab Systems
19 Pondview Road
Arlington, MA 02174 USA
617-646-6280 (voice or fax) (email)

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