Re: Injection Mold Tool Backfill

From: Sadegh Rahmati (
Date: Fri Jul 25 1997 - 23:06:25 EEST


During the last couple of years, I have used ACES epoxy inserts for
injection moulding. I used aluminium filled epoxy plus aluminium
chips to backfill the inserts. I also insert some thermocouples to
control the control the temperature. I haven't used any sort of
cooling channel because I believe it is unnecessary and increases the
lead time.

I believe low conductivity of the ACES part is strongly in favour of
the process and is discussed in detail in my paper just being
presented to SFFF conference in Texas.

My tools have worked very well and using PP I have injected more than
500 shots without any tool failure. If you need any further details
drop me an email.

Sadegh Rahmati

> Who has experience backfilling large QC patterns (18 x18 x 3/4) with
> a compatible material? My purpose is to save time on machines while
> providing a strong enough model for injection molding.
> What is that material?
> What equipment is needed?
> What procedure is used?
> What pitfalls are there to be avoided?

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