surface model as input(IIT Bombay)

From: Anand Dwarkanath (
Date: Sat Jul 26 1997 - 15:17:13 EEST

 Dear rp community,

    we at the indian institute of technology , bombay are equipped with
 an FDM 1650 and we use pro- engineer rel-17 as a solid modeller.

 recently one of our clients, came in to get a side panel of a scooter
part rapid prototyped. the job was big enough and beyond the maximum
vat size of the machine. but the irony of the situation was that ,
they only had a surface model of the part , designed in acad- mechanical

 all our efforts , in generating an stl file of the same ,were in vain.

 the result being ,the project getting scratched.

 please let me know if any of you have been faced with a similar problem
 and if yes , how did you go about it.

 looking forward , to your reply.

  thanking you,

  Mission Engineer
  RP Cell
  Indian Institute of Technology , Bombay
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