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Date: Sun Jul 27 1997 - 04:19:52 EEST

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> Dear rp community,
> we at the indian institute of technology , bombay are equipped with
> an FDM 1650 and we use pro- engineer rel-17 as a solid modeller.
> recently one of our clients, came in to get a side panel of a scooter
>part rapid prototyped. the job was big enough and beyond the maximum
>vat size of the machine. but the irony of the situation was that ,
>they only had a surface model of the part , designed in acad- mechanical
> all our efforts , in generating an stl file of the same ,were in vain.
A few different options exist. It would be beneficial to know what you were
attempting to create the .STL file in (software wise). Knowing whether it is
surfacing problems with the model or if it is some other problem will
dictate a solution. If it was the surface model, you either fix it in Acad
or .IGES out to another software to patch the surfaces. We use CAMAX Camand
as a surfacing package for poor surface files.

If the surface was good, Brockware is a very good at patching surfaces and
creating a solids model from surfaces (there are other packages on the
market also). Once the model is generated successfully as a solid, you can
use SolidView to cut the part in to pieces compatible with the vat size. If
you need any contact phone numbers just drop an e-mail, I'm sure you will
see a wide variety of solutions posted.

Good Luck!

Kevin Robertson
ARRK-San Diego

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