On Advertising etc...(non-RP)

From: connerc@dtm-corp.com
Date: Mon Jun 02 1997 - 17:46:26 EEST

     While the current thread on advertising may be a "dead horse", I have
     one observation.
        As an open information exchange, this list is many things to many
     people. The point? It is not possible to say what pieces of
     information will prove valuable to whom. Only by using proper subject
     headings can we avoid those posts that will most likely provide useful
     information and those that we should delete without reading.
     "Advertising" is useless information to some while Microsoft jokes and
     discussions on equality are useless to others. Most of these posts
     are labeled accordingly and are thus easily ignored if you so desire.
     Besides, on Monday you may be strictly business but by Friday you need
     a good Gates joke (especially if your system hung a dozen times during
     the week).
     I am NOT advocating the use of this space as an electronic bill board.
     RP related announcements should be labeled as such.
     Yakov did raise a good point:
>There are other places on the internet to showcase your services,
>such as a website...
     Perhaps a good compromise would be to post only a brief message
     inviting people to visit your website for more information.
     For what it's worth,
     Charles Conner
     P.S. Regarding the "dead horse" analogy; no animals were injured or
     killed in the making of this post.

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