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Date: Tue Jul 29 1997 - 22:29:51 EEST

Khaing Min Wai,

        You may consider exporting a parasolid. Your parametrics (which your
part may or may not have in UGII) are making the file huge. By exporting a
parasolid and then importing it back into an empty model, you will eliminate
the parametrics associated with the file. (Note: you will not lose any
information in the first model). Let me know if this helps. Feel free to
phone if you have any other questions.

Jason Dickman

At 12:16 AM 7/30/97 +0700, you wrote:
>Hello RP world,
>My part file size is 130 MBytes on UG 11.0.0 and it is difficult to export
>STL file and took too much time.I didn't succeed.
>Is 130 M Bytes part file too big to creat STL file?
>I put Triangulation tolerance 2.0mm and Adjancency Tolerance 1.0mm,
>Only solid 2.5mm thickness (max.).
>Help me !!
>Khaing Min Wai
>Mail box 1033
>Asian Institute of Technology
>Fax : 66-2-5245979 (Attn: KMW SV 19 A 2)
           Jason L. Dickman
        Hasbro Toy Group
        Cincinnati, OH.
        tele: 513,579,4752
        fax: 513,579,3250

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