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From: Steve_Farentinos (
Date: Tue Jul 29 1997 - 10:44:41 EEST

Khaing Min Wai wrote:
> Hello RP world,
> My part file size is 130 MBytes on UG 11.0.0 and it is difficult to export
> STL file and took too much time.I didn't succeed.
> Is 130 M Bytes part file too big to creat STL file?
> I put Triangulation tolerance 2.0mm and Adjancency Tolerance 1.0mm,
> Only solid 2.5mm thickness (max.).

The file is huge, but these tolerances are acutally loose for a
typically sized RP part. What are the extents of the model you're
trying to triangulate? If the UG solid is to be scales down before
prototyping, then do the scaling before you generate the STL file. I've
seen UG create massive STL files for no apparent reason. You can reduce
the number of facets in Deskartes, if all else fails.


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