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Date: Wed Jul 30 1997 - 04:51:27 EEST

29 July 1997

Khaing Min Wai . . .

A 130 Meg file is big, but much will depend on the architecture of the platform you're running UG on.

Try simplifying the STL translation by cutting your UG part into small sections/geometries and exporting STL files of these smaller sections/geometries. If successful, concatenate/combine these smaller sections into one. Just make sure that you select a common reference point (ie. coordinate system) so that the sections will be in the correct 3-dimensional space w/ respect to each other.

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From: Khaing Min Wai[]
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Subject: ask

Hello RP world,

My part file size is 130 MBytes on UG 11.0.0 and it is difficult to export
STL file and took too much time.I didn't succeed.

Is 130 M Bytes part file too big to creat STL file?

I put Triangulation tolerance 2.0mm and Adjancency Tolerance 1.0mm,
Only solid 2.5mm thickness (max.).

Help me !!


Khaing Min Wai
Mail box 1033
Asian Institute of Technology
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