From: Ron Hollis (rhollis@Traveller.COM)
Date: Wed Jul 30 1997 - 18:24:25 EEST

Rapid Tech Engineering is in the process of becoming a Actua VAR for 3D
Systems and had some questions for the experts of the industry.

How many Actuas are in the field (actually owned and used by an end-user)?
What kind of network is it on?
What are the layer thicknesses for building parts?
What are the negatives of the system? Positives?
How much does a part typically cost?
Is there any additional research with the technology and written any
What are some typical buildtimes?
What is the functionality of the parts, if any?
Can you do thin walls?
Have you used, or know of the use, of these parts for investment casting
and RTV molding patterns
What kind of accuracies are you getting?
Is it really user friendly?

Of course, we would be interested to the same questions for the competing
systems as well.

If there are no direct answers to these questions, maybe it will prompt
some discussion.

Ronald L. Hollis, P.E.
Rapid Tech Engineering
1580 Sparkman Drive
Suite 212
Huntsville, Alabama 35816

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