Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing '98 Call for Papers

From: Linda Johnson (JohnLin@sme.org)
Date: Wed Jul 30 1997 - 20:37:09 EEST

Official Announcement and Call for Speakers
Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing '98
Conference and Exposition
May 19-21, 1998
Hyatt Regency, Dearborn (Detroit), Michigan

Sponsored by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the Rapid
Prototyping Association (RPA) of SME

Submit an Outline Today!
Get involved, participate in the most unique conference to ever hit the
rapid prototyping industry.
-Exchange lessons learned with qualified industry professionals.
-Highlight your company's leadership, progress and success with rapid
prototyping applications.
-Gain industry wide exposure on an international basis to professionals
from the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom.
-Obtain international recognition through a comprehensive marketing
-Receive complimentary registration for the DAY you make your
presentation and discounted rates for the remainder of the conference.
-Enhance your credibility by being part of the worlds premier conference
on Rapid Prototyping.

Interest Areas for Speaker Topics
-Precision sand casting
-Investment casting
-Silicone RTV molding
-Resin transfer molding
-Plaster molding
-Squeeze molding
-Blow molding
-Injection molding
-Soft tooling for stamping
-Laser cutting and welding
-Spray metal tooling
-Sheet metal forming
-Grey iron foundry
-Cope and drag foundry techniques
-Advanced polymer development
-Virtual Prototyping
-Reverse Engineering
-New Developments in Rapid Prototyping
-Productivity Enhancement
-Benchmarking various methods
-Installation requirements
-Problems with CAD transfer
-Using Rapid Prototyping for conceptual design
-Connection between CAD and Rapid Prototyping
-Justifying Rapid Prototyping
-Rapid Prototyping selection matrix
-Parameters and use of a future fast concept modeler

5-Easy Steps to Submit an Abstract for Rapid Prototyping and
Manufacturing '98
1. All abstracts(s) must be 200-300 words in length.
2. All abstract(s) must be application based.
3. Your must include the following information with your abstract: Name,
Title, Company, Division, Mail Stop, Address, City/State, Country,
Postal Code, Phone, FAX, and Email address
4. Optional: Attach your abstract(s) to the response form or an
electronic document (3 1/2" diskette with your file name and it must be
compatible with MS Word or MS Power Point. Disks will not be returned).
5. Mail or FAX your abstract(s) to SME

ABSTRACT ARE DUE BY October 1, 1997

For more information or to send your abstract:
Attention: Linda Johnson
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
One SME Drive, P.O. Box 930
Dearborn, MI 48121 USA
(313) 271-1500, ext. 374,
FAX (313) 271-2861 or (313)240-8254
email: RAPID@sme.org

Linda Johnson
Sr. Technical Program Administrator
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Conferencing Division
One SME Drive
Dearborn, MI 48121
Phone: (313) 271-1500, ext. 374
FAX: (313) 240-8254
Email: johnlin@sme.org

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