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From: Kevin Robertson (
Date: Thu Jul 31 1997 - 21:21:54 EEST

At 10:10 AM 7/31/97 PDT, you wrote:
>I need some helpful hints,
>My customers have been having tons of problems exporting proper
> IGES and STL files.
>Does anyone out there in RP land have any solutions to translating
> files fromAutocad 13 (Autodesk)... to IGES or STL? We use Surfacer/RPM,
> Pro-E and Alias/Wavefront.
Vesna Cota made some good points regarding the different IGES settings. IGES
is a tranlator that works like any language. Just because someone Russian
speaks English, that doesn't guarantee they could be understood by someone
Italian who speaks English. The same holds true for AutoCad IGES speaking to
CV IGES. IGES has many entities and outputs that have to be fine tuned to be
input into different systems.

As far as AutoCad 13 STL. One option is to scale the CAD model up before
creating the
STL output, then scale it back down to 1:1 after that. I haven't tried this,
but hear it works. Another option is to buy Brockware (Brock we have to stop
meeting like this). We use Brockware for AutoCad, CadKey, and sometimes
Unigraphics as it outputs a better STL file than their native STL modules.

Sometimes none of this works and you are forced to make repairs to the
original file. We used to have these same problems a couple of years ago and
it is just one of those issues that works itself out as more experience is
gained with the variety of CAD files.
IGES has a listing of all the IGES entities that my help you out, I'm not
sure how to get this even though I have a copy, somehow.

Good luck!

Kevin Robertson

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