Re: Benchmark testing

From: Drew Brown (
Date: Sat Aug 02 1997 - 14:45:44 EEST

> A few years ago there was much talk about the testing and performance of
> user parts, however, I have not heard such talk concerning the larger
> SLA machines. I really wonder, why hasn't anyone conducted benchmark
> testing on the larger SLA machine?
> Albert Young


This is done on machines that can build them and from companies who are
interested in achieving results that will benefit the users.

If you recall you wouldn't even build our part. Has there been some
revolation at AAROFLEX that will "now" allow you to build parts like you
have promised in the past? Or are you just now realizing that you need
to fulfill those promises? Or is it that you realize that there is a
real expectation in the RP community?

Benchmarking on larger machines does go on and has gone on for some
time now!!!!

Drew Brown
Conceptual Reality L.L.C.

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