SLA-250 Maestro on DEC Alpha NT

From: Chris B ClodFelter (
Date: Wed Aug 06 1997 - 00:58:26 EEST

     Our engineers and designers have been making the transition from SGI
     to DEC Alpha for the past nine months. I was one of the first at our
     site to receive a NT machine to run Pro/E and all necessary
     spreadsheet and word processing that was done on a separate pc. I
     also run our SLA-250. When my Alpha was ordered (10 months ago), I was
     told that Maestro would be ported to NT in about a year. I hear that
     same response every time that I check with 3D Systems Marketing. In
     other words, I should expect in six months to hear that Maestro in NT
     will only be one year away.
     In the meantime, I still have my outdated SGI taking up space to do
     nothing but prepare SLA files.
     Am I the only one that is asking for this? I have never heard anyone
     complain on this list. I am surprised because more and more people are
     turning to Windows NT based machines to run CAD software. It would be
     nice to have only one computer to maintain.
     If you agree with me, please call your salesman or 3D Systems
     Marketing at (805) 295-5600.
     Chris Clodfelter
     Rexam Closures
     3245 Kansas Road
     Evansville In 47711
     (812) 867-6671

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