New DuPont Somos(R) 7120 Epoxy Resin for Solid State Lasers

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    DuPont Introduces Somos(R) 7120 Epoxy Resin for Solid State Laser
        WILMINGTON, Del., Aug. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The DuPont Company (NYSE:
    DD) today announced the availability of Somos(R) 7120, the second
    member of the new "Somos" 7100 series of epoxy resins. Created for
    solid state laser equipment such as 3D Systems SLA-350, EOS STEREOS MAX
    400, EOS STEREOS MAX 600, and Aaroflex Solid Imager, "Somos" 7120 is
    now commercially available in North America. "Somos" 7120 shares
    properties similar to "Somos" 7100, with a high heat deflection
    temperature, water resistant parts, virtually no bubbles, and faster
    The new "Somos" 7120 resin has excellent green strength and a wide
    process latitude, which allows the use of both ACES and WEAVE style
    build parameters. The variety of build styles available lets users
    choose the optimum style for their business needs.
    According to Michelle Paetz, Technical Marketing Engineer for DuPont
    "Somos" Solid Imaging Materials, "Initial customer comments about
    `Somos' 7120 have been very positive. The 7100 Series of resins will
    revolutionize the current standards for build performance and part
    quality. In the 7100 Series, resin properties have been dramatically
    improved, allowing customers to experiment with applications previously
    considered impossible." Incentives up to 80 percent off the initial
    fill are currently being offered to customers who upgrade to the new
    material before September 15.
    "Somos" 7120 provides users with excellent down-facing surfaces. Fewer
    structural supports are required, and thinner undistorted walls are
    possible. Suresh Jayanthi, DuPont Senior Research Engineer, feels that
    most of these features can be attributed to DuPont's chemical research
    and development efforts to optimize the resin's viscosity. "Not only
    has our customers' product quality increased with `Somos' 7120, but
    their productivity has been further enhanced by the faster photospeeds
    and shorter delays compared to current competitive epoxies," he said.
    DuPont invented photopolymers more than 50 years ago, and was a pioneer
    in the development of stereolithography equipment. Today, DuPont uses
    its experience with stereolithography equipment to optimize the
    capabilities of its resins. "We offer the world's widest selection of
    solid imaging materials, and the ability to expertly optimize resins to
    available laser systems," Paetz said. DuPont also works closely with
    original equipment manufacturers and leading rapid prototyping users to
    thoroughly test materials before they are released to market.
    DuPont "Somos" resins for stereolithography have been optimized for
    Argon-ion, Helium-Cadmium, and solid state UV laser systems, and range
    from the only available flexible resins ("Somos" 2100 Series), to
    general purpose highly transparent acrylate resins ("Somos" 3100
    Series), second generation epoxy resins ("Somos" 6100 Series), and a
    third generation of epoxy resins ("Somos" 7100 Series). DuPont also
    provides powders for selective laser sintering, such as the flexible
    elastomer powder, "Somos" 201, now available from DTM Corporation.
    Somos(R) is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and
    STEREOS is a trademark of EOS GmbH, Germany. ACES, WEAVE and SLA-500
    are trademarks of 3D Systems, Inc.
    SOURCE DuPont Company
    North America Sales:
             DuPont Somos(R) Solid Imaging Materials
             Two Penn's Way, Suite 401
         New Castle, DE 19720 (USA)
         Patricia Ritchie, Accounts Manager
         Michelle Paetz, Technical Marketing Engineer
         TEL: (302) 328-5435
         FAX: (302) 328-5693
             8550 Lee Highway, Suite 600
             Fairfax, VA 22031
             Albert Young, President
             Tel: (703) 573-0500
             Fax: (703) 673-0503
    For sales outside North America, contact the following distributors for
    DuPont Somos(R) Solid Imaging Materials:
            Pasinger Strasse 2
            D-82152 Planegg bei Munchen
            Contact: Peter Klink
            Tel: (+49) 89 8 56 85 0
            Fax: (+49) 89 8 59 84 02
            SYMORE NV
            Kapeldreef 60
            3001 Heverlee
            Contact: Johan Pauwels
            Tel: (+32) 16 29 83 68
            Fax: (+32) 16 29 83 19
            DUPONT K.K.
            Arco Tower
            8-1 Shimomeguro 1-chrome
            Meguro-ku, Tokyo
            Contact: Takami Yoneda
            Tel: (+81) 3 5434-6148
            Fax: (+81) 3 3660-4174

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