RE: SLA-250 Maestro on DEC Alpha NT

Date: Wed Aug 06 1997 - 08:38:59 EEST

One OS to worry about would be a great thing, but I gave up and ordered
SGI's for my new RP Center here in Malaysia. I guess I can run Catia on
'em, too, but still a waste. I have bitched to 3D about that.

Thanks to all who told me the stories of poor 3D support for the HP
version of software.

Dan Davis

> Subject: SLA-250 Maestro on DEC Alpha NT
> Hello,
> Our engineers and designers have been making the transition from
> to DEC Alpha for the past nine months. I was one of the first at
> our
> site to receive a NT machine to run Pro/E and all necessary
> spreadsheet and word processing that was done on a separate pc.
> I
> also run our SLA-250. When my Alpha was ordered (10 months ago),
> I was
> told that Maestro would be ported to NT in about a year. I hear
> that
> same response every time that I check with 3D Systems Marketing.
> In
> other words, I should expect in six months to hear that Maestro
> in NT
> will only be one year away.
> In the meantime, I still have my outdated SGI taking up space to
> do
> nothing but prepare SLA files.
> Am I the only one that is asking for this? I have never heard
> anyone
> complain on this list. I am surprised because more and more
> people are
> turning to Windows NT based machines to run CAD software. It
> would be
> nice to have only one computer to maintain.
> If you agree with me, please call your salesman or 3D Systems
> Marketing at (805) 295-5600.

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