OS, CAD,table space, boat anchors,and RP

From: Elaine Hunt (elaine.hunt@ces.clemson.edu)
Date: Wed Aug 06 1997 - 15:06:42 EEST

The SLA User's Group gave 3D a list of computer platforms that the users
would like to see 3D's software ported to....but alas "porting" is not an
easy task.
The hardware always seems to throw unforeseen barriers that prevent a clean
port. I don't need any more buggggggggy systems whether it's RP, CAD, or OS.

My question is this....what gives the user more problems...OS or CAD? Is
OS problems just one of having to 'keep' an old system around to perform
one function or will a new port provide the user a better environment with
which to complete models. Which of the two (CAD or OS) prevents you from
building perfect models? (everytime)

Which then should RP system vendors devote the most time to ....ports to
different OS or building a RP systems that performs EVERY time you need a
model built. Unfortunately none of the RP vendors can compete with "MS"
yet and ports(and maintenance) drain a tremendous amount of resources.

I would settle for a RP machine that is cheap to maintain because the
present computing power and table space is cheaper than the frustrations of
poorly operating RP machines.



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