Re: Citrus-based solvents for cleaning SL parts

Date: Wed Aug 06 1997 - 16:01:03 EEST

The citrus based solvents do appear environmentally friendly, however their
relatively low flash points preclude their use in anthing but an "explosion
proof" washing machine if such exists. For example Acetone - flash point 91 F
should only be used in well ventalated fire proof area. Citrus solvent I use has
a flash point of 115 F not much higher. In contrast TPM flash point 232 F
relatively benign from the flammibilty stand point. Just not real friendly as
far as environmental and health stand point. Most industrial parts washers now
use some sort of water based detergent. That will be the way to go if possible
for SLA goo.
Andy Scott

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