RE: OS, CAD,table space, boat anchors,and RP

Date: Wed Aug 06 1997 - 22:43:48 EEST

over the past 3 months i've had about 30 models built on SLA and Stratysis machines with only one build error. the build error occurred on a model which would not boolean together properly at the cad level. the system we are using is Computervision CADDS5 on HP and Sun platforms, using HP/UX and Sun Solaris operating systems. preparing the .STL files is as easy as sending out a Postscript file, and a macro has been written to assist in the process. the high success rate in builds is probably attributable to the expertise of the rapid prototype expert here, rick lott, who turns the .stl files into models. starting with a clean cad model is essential, and CADDS5 has database maintenence and solids validation features to do this.

mike doty

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My 2 cents... on the CAD end.

I have been using Unigraphics to create CAD models for many of the R/P service centers for the past 7 years and although in older versions of UG there were some problems with fillets which in most cases could be put in during the finishing process I have never experienced any limitations of the OS (HP/UX) in creating models.

My question is this....what gives the user more problems...OS or CAD? Is
OS problems just one of having to 'keep' an old system around to perform
one function or will a new port provide the user a better environment with
which to complete models. Which of the two (CAD or OS) prevents you from
building perfect models? (everytime)

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