Re: New DuPont Somos(R) 7120 Epoxy Resin for Solid State Lasers

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Date: Wed Aug 06 1997 - 18:01:59 EEST


Thank you for inquiring about the changes between the 6100 series of resins and
the 7100 series of resins. The Somos 7100 family of resins does not require
humidity to be added nor does it require humidity to be removed. We have tested
build conditions from 15% to 85% humidity and have found that as long as the
temperature remains above 28 degrees Celcius, the photopolymer builds
successfully. In the 6100 Series of resins, the photopolymer works best when
the chamber humidity is above 40%. Other differences between the 6100 and 7100
Series are that the 7100 Series of resins produces parts with a high heat
deflection temperature and improved product quality through better down facing
surfaces and virtually no bubbles, all at faster photospeeds. The 7100 Series
also has a wide latitude for build styles and parameters, including 3D Systems
ACES and WEAVE styles.

This information can be found in the press release on Somos 7100 and Somos 7120,
both of which have been posted to this mail list. The Somos 7120 press release
can also be found at

If I can answer any other questions, please let me know.

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