Re: ACES and EOS

From: Carl Fruth (
Date: Thu Aug 07 1997 - 08:51:47 EEST

Christian Antoniutti wrote:
> Hi to all!
> I heard a lot about ACES hatching technique, and wondered if this is a
> process by 3D Systems or a technique that can be choosen before building
> the part. That is, I have an EOS Stereos MAX, can I use ACES?
> Thank you all!

Hi Christian,

you canīt use ACES building style on your Stereos MAX, but you donīt
need it. In earlier times stereos systems used a very effective building
style for acrylat resins. For your epoxy resin ( i think you use SOMOS
6100) you dont need a special building style, because the shrinkage of
the material is very low, so you have nearly no curl. Your EOS MAX
offers a special hatch style for UP and Down skin that you get better
surfaces with SOMOS 6100. There is also a special building style
includes to your machine software called skin and core which is similar

In my opinion the effective building styles EOS uses makes the machines
so fast.


Charly Fruth

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