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Date: Thu Aug 07 1997 - 09:32:05 EEST

Dear Paul and list,

I'm running an alpha chip repackaged from Enorex computer systems. 500
mhz. Its a speed demon. I really love it. I do not work in Autocad but
work in a solids modeling package. I do not have any experience with HP
or SGI. But when I was purchasing I looked closely into those machines.
There is no question in my mind, for my applications, that I made an
excellent choice. This is a high feature low cost machine that will dual
boot windows nt or dec's flavor of unix. It will also run linux. Autocad
is a large cumbersome company, rather unresponsive to its various
markets and it is not a solid modeling engine. Pro E is and you betcha
they've got an alpha native version. And it blazes. (I have done some
work on alpha native PRO E). If windows NT 5.0 delivers on its promise
to be a 64 bit operating system well look out SGI. and if you've
noticed, the price of the new sgi's are around $7500 these days--market
pressure? You betcha!! They are losing some of their market share in
servers and the decs are making inroads in many other areas. The bottom
line:IMHO this is one of the highest performance low cost machines there
is--And it delivers.


michael rees
1212 w 8th St. Bldg B #2, 
KC, Mo 64101
816 753 3020 v 816 753 1542 f

Paul L. Finelt wrote: > > I would be interested in knowing the performance of the ALPHA/NT machines > over SGI or HP workstations? I've read all the "stuff" and I think that > AutoCAD's elimination the ALPHA/NT version is very telling of many issues. > > Comments? >

-- michael rees 1212 w 8th St. Bldg B #2, KC, Mo 64101 816 753 3020 v 816 753 1542 f

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