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From: Yakov Horenstein (yakov@planet.it)
Date: Thu Aug 07 1997 - 19:47:20 EEST

>(SOLIDWORKS) SolidWorks Introduces SolidWorks 97Plus Viewer Internet
> Plug-In
> CONCORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug 6, 1997--SolidWorks
> Corporation today announced the introduction of the SolidWorks
> 97Plus Viewer, a new internet plug-in product which allows anyone
> to view native SolidWorks part, drawing, and assembly files
> directly from within an internet browser. The SolidWorks 97Plus
> Viewer extends the reach of SolidWorks design data by enabling
> personnel beyond the initial designer such as engineering
> management, shop floor, purchasing, and other departments, to view
> parts, drawings or assemblies created in SolidWorks 97Pl us at any
> time during the design lifecycle for review and feedback to design
> departments.
> The company introduced the SolidWorks 97Plus Viewer in response
> to user requests for extended sharing of SolidWorks data within
> their own companies as well as with their customers and suppliers.
> Access to files at any time during the design lifecycle facilitates
> review with and feedback to design departments. The product allows
> organizations with large engineering, design, and manufacturing
> departments, or third party vendors to access the same data
> streamlining integrated design and manufacturing processes.
> The SolidWorks 97Plus Viewer allows users to open native
> SolidWorks 97Plus files by either opening a file or by merely
> clicking on an HTML hyperlink to a SolidWorks data file anywhere on
> the Internet.
> Users can view native SolidWorks parts, assemblies and drawings
> quickly in full shaded images including any 3D annotation included
> with the model, dynamically rotate, pan and zoom the model to
> explore it. Currently, engineers often use VRML technology to
> share design ideas over the internet. With the release of the
> SolidWorks 97Plus Viewer non-design personnel can eliminate the
> translation step needed with creating VRML files and use the
> SolidWorks 97Plus Viewer to review design data created with
> SolidWorks 97Plus.

> Availability and Pricing
> The SolidWorks 97Plus Viewer is compatible with Netscape
> Navigator and Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The SolidWorks 97Plus
> Viewer can run as either an Internet plug-in or as a standalone
> Windows application. The SolidWorks 97Plus Viewer is free of
> charge, and is available through a download from the SolidWorks
> homepage (http://www.solidworks.com).

> CONTACT: SolidWorks Corporation
> Sabine Gossart
> 508-371-5111
> info@solidworks.com
> or
> Harpell/Martins Public Relations
> Catherine Riedel
> 508-461-0202, ext. 25
> criedel@harpell.com

Yakov Horenstein
Milano, Italy

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