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From: Yakov Horenstein (yakov@planet.it)
Date: Thu Aug 07 1997 - 19:46:54 EEST

> (SOLIDWORKS)(DASTY) SolidWorks Announces SolidWorks 97Plus
> CONCORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 5, 1997--
> Fourth Major Release Available Immediately
> With Over 160 Enhancements
> SolidWorks Corporation today announced the immediate
> availability of SolidWorks 97Plus, the fourth on-time release of
> the company's award-winning Windows-native 3D mechanical design
> software. SolidWorks 97Plus solid modeling software features over
> 160 customer- driven enhancements including performance
> optimization for large assemblies, enhanced sweeping and lofting,
> interactive customizable exploded views, improvements in detailing,
> and expanded internet capabilities.
> First released in November 1995, SolidWorks software was
> designed as the first Windows-native 3D mechanical design system
> for mainstream engineers. Today, SolidWorks is the fastest growing
> company in the history of the CAD/CAM software industry, and in 18
> months of shipment, SolidWorks has received 13 industry awards.
> With this latest release of its software, SolidWorks continues its
> commitment to customers, partners and resellers in bringing
> production solid modeling to the mainstream.
> "SolidWorks has built a strong reputation in the mechanical
> design community for having a robust Windows-native product, a
> rapidly growing distribution and support team, and Solution and
> Gold Partners providing fully integrated, associative
> applications," notes Jon K. Hirschtick, CEO of SolidWorks. "With
> over 3,000 customers and 6,500 seats installed in 43 countries, and
> over 150 partners covering application areas including CAM, PDM,
> and CAE, the SolidWorks momentum continues to build. Customers
> continue to deploy SolidWorks software as their mainstream solid
> modeling tool at an increasing pace."
> "DataCard Corporation chose SolidWorks for its strong modeling
> capabilities, Windows-native design, ease-of-use and rapid learning
> curve," notes Scott Trudeau, senior CAD applications analyst. "We
> could have spent five times as much on CAD software, but would not
> have had the powerful combination of production-level capability
> and ease-of-use that SolidWorks offers. By using SolidWorks, we've
> been able to dramatically improve the aesthetics of our designs
> while significantly reducing our design time."
> SolidWorks Corporation has more than 3,000 customer sites
> worldwide, and the company worked very closely with its current
> customer base in the development and enhancement of the software.
> The result is that the majority of enhancements in SolidWorks
> 97Plus are in direct response to user requests and continued
> usability testing. A summary of enhancements follows:
> Assemblies & Performance
> SolidWorks 97Plus performance improvements include optimization
> for large assemblies. Configuration support has been extended to
> include enhanced sub-assembly interaction. With SolidWorks 97Plus
> software multiple configurations can be defined beyond the assembly
> level down to multiple configurations for sub-assemblies.
> SolidWorks 97Plus also incorporates:
> -- Customized exploded views, allowing users to better communicate
> the assembly nature of a design. -- A Weld Wizard - easy-to-
> use, step-by-step guide to mating
> multiple parts, which are to be welded. -- Support for multi-
> user environments including part locking.
> Part Modeling
> SolidWorks continues to add even more powerful part modeling
> improvements including enhanced sweeping and lofting using guide
> curves. With the enhanced sweeping and lofting capabilities users
> can create free-form highly stylized parts. Additional part
> modeling enhancements include:
> -- The ability to add 3D annotations to parts and assemblies for
> improved communication. -- The selection of silhouette edges to
> reference geometry. -- Automatic creation of bend reliefs for sheet
> metal design. -- The ability to create a rounded face using the
> "dome" function. -- A Feature Toolbar to facilitate user
> interaction in creating
> features quickly and easily. -- Shrinkage control for mold
> makers. -- Face filleting. -- Patterning of patterns and mirror of
> patterns.
> Drawings
> With more than 65 enhancements in detailing capabilities, users
> now have additional control over drawings. Key features include:
> -- The FeatureManager design tree now available in drawings. -- A
> new detailing toolbar for easy access to commonly used features.
> -- Import of 3D annotations from the model or assembly. -- The
> ability to create hyperlinks to notes, other files or
> internet related materials. -- Selection of multiple shapes for
> balloons. -- Creation of rotated text. -- Multi-sheet support; cut
> and paste views between sheets.
> Ease-of-Use Enhancements
> With each release of its mechanical design system, SolidWorks
> continues to improve its ease-of-use. In SolidWorks 97Plus, the
> user interface has been further simplified to include enhancements
> to the FeatureManager design tree; a modeling and detailing
> toolbar; and, a rollback bar that allows users to investigate the
> design sequence by dragging the bar step by step. Enhanced viewer
> diagnostics, such as the "what's wrong" option in the
> FeatureManager, allows users to better understand and evaluate
> design intent. SolidWorks 97Plus also features a concurrent usage
> option that allows multiple users to work on an assembly at the
> same time.
> Internet Support
> Designed with the internet in mind, SolidWorks 97Plus software
> makes it easy for users to share designs, in native SolidWorks
> format, within and across engineering organizations. With
> SolidWorks 97Plus, users can add hyperlinks directly to parts,
> drawings or assemblies allowing users to link automatically to the
> internet or externally referenced files to view design related
> information. SolidWorks is also introducing a free internet plug-
> in product, the SolidWorks 97Plus Viewer, concurrent with the
> release of SolidWorks 97Plus to allow non-SolidWorks users to
> review native design data. By using native data, users can be sure
> they are reviewing the most current version of the design without
> having to worry about intermediate file transfer formats. This
> further extends the use of SolidWorks data and allows entire
> organizations to communicate more effectively.
> Language Support
> SolidWorks 97Plus has expanded language support to include
> Spanish and Italian. This is in addition to the languages already
> provided - English, German, French, Chinese, and Japanese.

> CONTACT: SolidWorks Corporation
> Sabine Gossart
> (508) 371-5111
> info@solidworks.com
> or
> Harpell/Martins Public Relations
> Catherine Riedel
> (508) 461-0202 x 25
> criedel@harpell.com

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