"Rapid Prototyping and Tooling for the Automotive Industry

From: Brian Taylor (brian@sae.org)
Date: Fri Aug 08 1997 - 00:15:02 EEST


The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International) and the Rapid
Prototyping Association (RPA), a subsidiary of the Society of
Manufacturing Engineers (SME) are pleased to announce a special
two-day TOPTEC ('TOPical, TEChnical') symposium on Rapid Prototyping.
It is the first time the two organizations have worked together to produce
a conference on rapid prototyping for the automotive industry.

The conference will be held on 4-5 September 1997 at the Hyatt
Regency Dearborn, Michigan, USA. For more information please visit the
SAE web site (www.sae.org, select 'continuing education' then
'upcoming TOPTECs') or contact SAE for a brochure at 412-772-7148
(Fax: 412-776-4955); e-mail: profdev@sae.org.

Thank you!

Brian Taylor, TOPTEC Program Developer
SAE International - Professional Development Division
400 Commonwealth Drive
Warrendale, PA (USA) 15096-0001
tel: 412-772-8524; fax: 412-776-5231; e-mail: brian@sae.org

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