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Date: Fri Aug 08 1997 - 13:13:27 EEST

Time-Compression Technologies '97, to be held from 29th-30th September at
the Heritage Motor Centre, Warwickshire, UK is the largest European forum
for industry professionals with a proven commitment to reducing
time-to-market within their organisation.

It is commonly accepted that reduction of time-to-market is one of the key
areas in which a manufacturing organisation can gain significant advantages
over competitors in any market place. TCT '97 will show you how
organisations have slashed product development cycle times and achieved
speedier design-to-market, whilst focusing on individual clients needs and
expectations. TCT '97 will consider both the technological and managerial
implications of successfully adopting concurrent engineering techniques in
a modern design and manufacturing regime.

Provisional Timetable

Monday 29th September

0800- 0900 Registration/Coffee/Exhibition Focus

0900-1000 Plenary Session
                Opening Speech by Chairman: Mr Philip Hanson, Principal
IBM Consulting
                Keynote speaker - Professor Andrew Graves, European
Director, International Motor Vehicle Programme, The
University of Bath

1000-1030 The Shift in Focus from "Cost and Quality" to "Agility" and
the Implications for Data Management Strategy - Alan Griffiths,
Principal and Dr. Charles Clarke, Consultant, IIC

1030-1100 Coffee and Exhibition

1100-1130 The Top 10 Mistakes with Time-Compression Technology: A
Practical Guide -
                Mr Richard Thom, Hothouse Product Development Partners
1130-1200 How to Achieve a Commercial Benefit by Integrating
Industrial Designers and Engineers in a Common 3D
CAD Database Environment - Mr Gus Desbarats, Random Product
1200-1230 CADCAM 2001 - Mr Fred Brown, Pankhurst Design and

1230-1430 Lunch & Exhibition Focus

1430-1500 The Integration of Supply Chain Engineering Using
Knowledge-Based-Engineering -
                Mr Stephen Kneebone, Knowledge Based Engineering Centre,
Coventry University
1500-1530 Product Data Management - A Time Compression Technology for
the Whole Life Cycle - Dr Stanley Port, CIMdata
1530-1600 How Combining Traditional Skills and Virtual Tools
Compresses Time While Preserving Quality - Mr Jim Williams,
Paramount Industries (withdrawn - replacement tba)

1600-1630 Coffee and Exhibition

1630-1700 Virtual Manufacturing: A European Review - Mr Gary Eves,
1700-1730 Rapid Prototyping of Metal Parts and Tools - Dr Phil
Dickens, University of Nottingham

EVENING Complimentary Gala Dinner. Guest Speaker STIRLING MOSS -

Tuesday 30th September
0800-0900 Registration/Coffee/Exhibition Focus

0900-0930 The Rapid Manufacture of Thin Wall Aluminium Casting for an
Aerospace Application - Mr S Throup & Mr T Hiatt, British
0930-1000 The Role of TCT's in Innovative Device Development - Mr
Colin Matthews, Team Consulting
1000-1030 Rapid Prototyping of Human Head Form - Mr William Tiu,
University of Hertfordshire

1030-1100 Coffee and Exhibition

1100-1130 Metal RP Methods and Case Studies for Metal Castings and
Tooling - Mr Merlin Warner, BarronCast Inc
1130-1200 Responsive Tooling for Rapid Plastic Production - Dr Tony
Venus, CAMM
1200-1230 Using Stereolithography to Directly Develop Rapid Injection
Mould Tooling - Mr Tom Greaves, General Motors

1230-1430 Lunch and Exhibition Focus

1430-1500 Functional Plastic Prototypes - Process Chains and Their
Case Studies - Mr Thomas Lueck, Bertrandt GmbH
1500-1530 Solving of Process Engineering Problems within
Manufacturing Engineering by Use of Assembly Modelling - Mr
Julian Fox, University of East London & Mr Roger Smith, Ford
Motor Company

1530-1600 Coffee and Exhibition

1600-1630 Reverse Engineering: Linking the Physical World to the
Virtual World - Mr Andrew Mattison, Imageware
1630-1700 Integrating Time Compression Technologies into Existing
Management Infrastructure - Mr Peter Sferro, Ford Motor Co.

                Awards Ceremony
                Conference Chairman will close the Conference


A 'table-top' exhibition will include the following exhibitors: Styles
Rapid Prototyping; 3D Systems; Formation Ltd; Ogle Design; Buxton, Wall,
McPeake; CoCreate Software; JJ Rapid Technologies; Pankhurst Design and
Development; Materialise; RapidCast; Arrk Europe; CIBA Speciality
Chemicals; Geo Design; EOS GmbH; D.E.R.C; IMI Rapid Prototyping; Malcolm
Nicholls; Computervision; Pace Technologies; Bertrandt GmbH; Yuasa Warwick;
Shonan Design Co; DTM GmbH; EDS Unigraphics

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Contact Mark Littlewood

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TCT 97 Is Proud to be sponsored by IBM Catia, Silicon Graphics, ICE, Styles
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