From: Steve Rotzin (stever@scanlab3d.com)
Date: Fri Aug 08 1997 - 19:14:51 EEST

For What It Is Worth:

I have just returned from the 1997 SIGGRAPH ( the
animation/rendering/film/TV computer tradeshow). Major exhibitors were
SGI/HP/Microsoft ( softimage, NT, Windows) / Sun / Evans & Sutherland / IBM
etc. Now this is not an RP show, however the industry this show caters to,
deals with similar dilema of NT vs Unix. Since we are contemplating a new
NT machine I went there in search of answers.

The Outcome....... Out of there own mouths......... HP, IBM , Compaq,
said...... "stick with UNIX for another 2-3 years" ......" software
manufacturers keep threatening to develop more NT based platforms, however
they are not putting there money where there mouths are"

Again.....for what it is worth... Plus, any comments concering the subject
would be welcome.

Looking for a kernal of truth,

        I am,

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