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Date: Fri Aug 08 1997 - 19:07:57 EEST

Elaine Hunt wrote:
> In all fairness to all RP vendors I want to state that my love for the
> technology
> and its potential has not diminished one bit. Instead, all the problems I
> have experienced in the past two years point to growth in the marketplace.
> Young companies experience difficulties during this transition phase. RP
> vendors are not immune to such problems. I am some what intrigued by the
> notion put forth by some that open complaints or expressions of "problems"
> hurt the industry. I firmly believe that "education" takes place when we
> experience growth and pain that stretch of our minds and potential.
> I hope many of you saw "Triumph of the Nerds" on PBS this week. It was
> based on the 20th anniversary of the personal computer. It showed the
> first "user group" meeting at Stanford University and what a bunch of
> noisy, verbal yet dedicated "techno-weenies". Out of this group came Bill
> Gates and other who influenced the entire world based on a technology that
> had absolutely no value in the public eye. The first PC had no keyboard,
> no monitor, no output, no programming, nothing that any user could call
> 'user friendly.
> I hope that many of you will voice your problems as well as your successes,
> seek solutions, demand quality, and lift this technology to the heights
> that even Bill Gates has to up to it. Maybe I should visit Bill and point
> him to the 21st century output device, 3d printing. Your choice of
> material, color, texture and product.
> Elaine
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Hi Elaine, please donīt give 3D printing to Bill, we already saw a new
monopoly in the making yesterday!!! ;-)

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