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Date: Fri Aug 08 1997 - 10:01:50 EEST

Steve wrote:

> RPer's:
> To answer Mr. Burns Q:
> > did you see
> >any hint of RP or fabricators there, either in the sense of actual
> >exhibits or a feeling in the air that our industry would have been
> >well-appreciated there?
> 1. No, very little if any hint of RP Tech. The only company that, I saw,
> was CGi with their internal/external laser scanner. Since we are a service
> bureau for this, I was very interested in the response from attendees and
> exhibitors alike. The CGI booth was swamped! Secondly, due to the
> relationship with Stratasys, CGI was displaying scanned toys and objects
> and subsequently scaled larger by with the FDM 1650. Interest was
> tremendous. Not to mention this is a big show and there is a complement to
> this industry with RP.

The Cyberware scanning people were there too. They scan both geometry and
color and their systems are often used for scanning models into movie
scenes. The files can be used for RP as well.


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