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I'm shocked! My entire web hosting business is run on Windows NT server 4.0. Other then problems with installing an Ecommerce store front I have had no trouble with NT! Not to mention that software for the NT is a great deal less expensive then Unix.


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My company is right in the middle of this... We evaluated NT as a server
o/s, and it is horrid. Not only is it buggy, it is likely to remain so,
because MS is more inclined to add features than to fix bugs. I get far
better performance from my FreeBSD (plug: public domain software, than I do from either Novell or any NT version,
even though the FreeBSD systems are mostly P75's and the NT's are PPro
200's with AccelGraphics 2500 boards.
        As workstations (single user ONLY!), the NT is reasonable considering
the cost differential of the Dell PPros vs our HP RISC boxes.
        I am fairly new (1 yr newbie) to UNIX, but I have found that once you
get started, the difficult tasks of system administration are MUCH
easier (and freeware) in UNIX, and you pay as much for NT 'solutions' as
you used to for vendor-supplied UNIX support. Very often, there AREN'T
any NT solutions. For example, I have yet to see a good script language
for NT. That is SOOO basic...
        As far as a platform for 3D and graphics, I suggest you look at the
freeware out there which runs on FreeBSD (and all the rest of UNIX),
such as POVray, MESA (open GL lookalike), and all the MPEG
compressor/decompressor programs out there. There are also many freeware
and shareware VR toolkits out there, and it all runs on cheap intel
hardware. If you look under the hood at the so-called NT app's out
there, like Pro/E, they are usually actually running under the
Hummingbird X-server, so they are technically still UNIX app's.
        Sooner or later, the FTC is finally going to have to address the Bill
Gates issue once and for all, before he buys the rest of DC.
        Nuff said, back to hard work making parts!

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