Re: NT vs. UNIX

From: Kevin Robertson (
Date: Sat Aug 09 1997 - 02:27:53 EEST

I posed Don's comments regarding NT vs Unix to our SysAdmin and he had the
following comments, with which I wholeheartedly agree:

>PoTAYto ..poTAHto... it's what you are used to. We've been running NT since
>ver 3.1,currently Ver. 4.0 and if you have the right SysAdmin running it and
>knows what he's doing... ;-) you'll find it bug free and bulletproof..
>Lets talk about down time and compatability...In the past year we have had 0
>hours of non-maintenance downtime, 0 hours of OS failure and 0 hours of work
>lost due to NT. We can run 99% off the shelf software and to date 99% of the
>shareware-freeware available on the 'Net written for the ' Wintel ' machine.
>Hardware..? Lets see..... I can replace hardware in as little as 5 minutes
>if parts are on hand, and 30 minutes if I nip down to the corner store. If
>they don't have it in stock, half a dozen other stores within a 2 block
>radius usually do. Costs..? no comparison. Most ( not all..) UNIX driven
>stuff is proprietary.... ergo no stiff competition to drive the price of
>parts down.... I can choose from half a dozen video boards based on features
>and price and know they will work the first time.
>Lately we've been buying Gateway Pro 200's and 266 MMX's. Out of the box
>they scream! We also purchased a Tristar Dual-Pentium Pro 200 which we
added 256 MB
>aftermarket Ram to... and came stock with a 17"monitor and an Accel Glint
>500 TX 16 MB video card ...3.6 GB HD.. spent less than $7000 total. Our
>Pro-E guy loves it.
>'Nuff said.. you love UNIX I love NT... lets go have a beer and forget you
>ever mentioned it.....

Thought this was appropriate enough to post, not meant to start a flame war,
just to point out we all have our preferences. I have to go now, need to go
check on our SysAdmin and make sure he's not having that beer during working

Have a good weekend all!

Kevin Robertson
ARRK-San Diego, CA

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