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about the only value i see in unix is that it provides job security to those already fluent in it. it is extremely un-user friendly and hard to learn. the commands are obscure. i.e. what does "grep" stand for? try doing a search for a particular file sometime-it is not a case of opening a file manager, opening "file", "search" and entering a text string. adding a new device to the network here such as a printer is a major ordeal, sometimes taking weeks to accomplish. i use unix only because i have to, as computervision cadds5 runs only on unix at the moment. examples of garbage aka unixs commands are:

ls -al , to list files, listlp to list print cues, man to get obscure help on commands (if it available), cp -r to copy directories etcv...

hopefully NT and mac OS will drive unix into the dirt, 6 feet under where it belongs.

end of rant.

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I'm shocked! My entire web hosting business is run on Windows NT server 4.0. Other then problems with installing an Ecommerce store front I have had no trouble with NT! Not to mention that software for the NT is a great deal less expensive then Unix.


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My company is right in the middle of this... We evaluated NT as a server
o/s, and it is horrid. Not only is it buggy, it is likely to remain so,
because ........

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