Re: SLA-250 Maestro on DEC Alpha NT

From: Paul L. Finelt (
Date: Sat Aug 09 1997 - 15:19:35 EEST

>> market pressure? You betcha!! They are losing some of their market share
servers and are making inroads in all the other areas. The bottom
line:IMHO this is one of the highest performance low cost machines there
is. <<

Thanks for your observations. Do you use your machine in a networked
environment? What other machines are on the network? What about graphics
performance? Is it acceptable?

BTW, if you're using Pro-E, what have you found to be the biggest bene's?
You do sculpting, right? I'd think a parametric modeler would pose some
constructional problems for you. Have you overcome them or just changed
your "normal think"?

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