Re: NT vs. UNIX

From: zedand00 (
Date: Sat Aug 09 1997 - 20:42:38 EEST

Dear LIst, Don, and others,

I converted from the mac to Alpha NT. There is a learning curve
associated with any such platform change. I had some serious headaches
getting it all to work (especially the mac nt network), and getting to
know NT. My tendency was to complain and complain and call NT a piece of
junk etc.,. (Nt stands for nice try).

Curiously, it was only when I firmly decided not to curse NT and get to
the business of making it work that things started working.

The unknown is always buggy and horrid. If you compare dollar to dollar
feature to feature, alpha NT comes out way ahead. If your willing to
make the committment to learning the system on its terms, you come out
way ahead. You can buy several more high powered workstations at double
the speed when you go alpha nt. It will also run various types of unix.

Don't discount the alpha, its good technology.


michael rees
1212 w 8th St. Bldg B #2, 
KC, Mo 64101
816 753 3020 v 816 753 1542 f

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