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 On Fri, 8 Aug 1997, Elaine Hunt wrote:
> that even Bill Gates has to up to it. Maybe I should visit Bill and point
> him to the 21st century output device, 3d printing. Your choice of
> material, color, texture and product.
      Yes, I think you should. I wrote to him back in 1991 but his
 secretary wrote back that he was busy (or something). I think Elaine Hunt
 should now take the message of fabricators (or RP whatever you want to
 call it) to the man on the moiuntain for him to see. All in favor say "Aye!"

Just surprised by a comparison in the book The Microsoft Way by Randall
Stross - apparently Microsoft earned profits of $1.8 b on sales of $5.9 b. -
fantastic - - BUT, the printer division of HP earned more!

Would be interesting to learn how much is being spent on 2D printers these
days. When people predicted our offices to be paperless by now, could they
have had any idea how cheap, easy, and, yes, irresistible, 2D printing could
become? [Why else, for instance, would Xerox fumble commercialization of
their laser printer?]

Looking ahead to the 21st . . . and all those 3D design, analysis, and
imaging systems out there . . . might not be wise to bet against a handy
output device - the 3D printer.

Norm Kinzie

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