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Date: Sun Aug 10 1997 - 08:21:27 EEST

On Sat, 9 Aug 1997 wrote:
> Just surprised by a comparison in the book The Microsoft Way by Randall
> Stross - apparently Microsoft earned profits of $1.8 b on sales of $5.9 b. -
> fantastic - - BUT, the printer division of HP earned more!

     Those could be some interesting numbers, Norm. Can you tell us what
the sales and profits of the HP Printer Division were? I suppose these
numbers would be from their annual report.

> Would be interesting to learn how much is being spent on 2D printers these

     I'm sure there is better data than this out there, but what I have
handy is the 1992 Economic Census of the U.S. It doesn't show printers
alone, but shows $13B worth of computer peripherals in 1992. Printers is
certainly a large part of this, but also this is only data for U.S.
producers, so the global figure would be quite a bit more, even just for
U.S. consumption.

     Here's another interesting tid-bit from the 1992 census. Of $30.6B
worth of electronic computers, $18.6B were personal and portable units.
Sixty-one percent of all computers sold by U.S. makers five years ago
were personals or portables! Both the global and today's figures must be
much higher. By comparrison, the '92 census figures show only $5.4B worth of
mainframes shipped, less than 18% of the total.

     In 1985 a friend of mine who worked for IBM told me his company
wasn't worried about it's market share in PCs because it made all it's
money in mainframes. How times change!

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