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Date: Sun Aug 10 1997 - 17:32:50 EEST


We have produced some rather complex web sites that require a great deal of user interaction and I have the same comment about UNIX! It would take me longer to get over the frustration of learning (let alone finding, purchasing and installing) some Unix application to do the same. I have an SGI and aside from it's raw graphics power I see no advantage in using it vs one of our NT boxes on the Internet! I think we have a case of people using and standing by the OS they grew up with...None being wrong or more frustrating then the other (kind of like RP systems), they both have good points and bad!


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Karl R. Denton wrote:
> Don,
> Your choice!

Sigh... more the requirements of our system. We've got a rather
elaborate quotation-and-transaction system for PN that's really growing
into a real web-based world wide factory automation system. I shudder at
the thought of even attempting it in WinAnything, having spent many
years avoiding doing so for other employers.

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