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From: Bruce Okkema (
Date: Mon Aug 11 1997 - 16:02:50 EEST

Joe, We had some similar problems early on, but now things are working great. Without knowing your particular configurations, I'll just pass on what we did to solve the problems:
        - The NT workstation as 3D supplied it to us is under powered. NT needs at least 32MB RAM to run efficiently and consistently. (We have 64 MB in ours.)
        - We are using PCNFS on the NT station to support the connection to UNIX. We mount the directory where Maestro stores the .bff's and use file manager to copy them to the PC.
        - Configure your SLA's as NT workstations only--don't try to run them as hosts. The build process under NT seems to tax the processing and cause other processes (like hosting) to time out.
        - We have NFS running on our SGI to host the PC's.
        - We switched from thin net coax to 10baseT twisted pair topology. 3D's NIC is coax so to avoid incompatibility problems we use a transceiver at the board.
        - (We run Omni-Lite Xlink on our Windows'95 PC's to mount the unix network. And this works flawlessly as well.)
I would have to say we never lose our connection as long as the network is up. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about any of this.
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Bruce Okkema
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Has anyone had trouble with SLA500's or SLA350's running NT (3.51)
disconnecting from their network. We are using SAMBA on our SGI's and
they seem to disconnect almost every day. I also have 4.0 running on
other boxes without having this problem. 3D does not support 4.0 at this
time and Kodak does not support 3.51. 3D support has not been able to
solve this. Any help will be appreciated.


Regards, Joe DeGuglielmo

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