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Date: Tue Aug 12 1997 - 02:46:44 EEST

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>Marshall Burns wrote:
>> but I'd like to ask you and other RP-ers who went to the show, did you
>> any hint of RP or fabricators there, either in the sense of actual
>> exhibits or a feeling in the air that our industry would have been

>Siggraph '97 was the most crowded exposition that I've attended in years.
>At times, it was difficult to navigate the exhibit floor with so many
>people. The floor was filled with subtle hints of RP, if you consider the
>amount of 3D model data on display. Siggraph has not been a place to
>showcase CAD, RP, tooling, and other manufacturing-related technologies.
>Even so, CGI's Craig Crump said that the first day was by far the best of
>any show that his company has attended. Historically, as you may be aware,

I would like to know if there is an RP event which I could go to that would
showcase various RP equipment and product demos all in one hall, and at the
same time offer short seminars or discussions on current RP trends and
technology, similar to what Siggraph does for the commercial and movie industry.

If there is such an event, which would be the best for me to go to
considering I am from the Philippines and travel to the USA or Europe is
quite expensive.

Thanks in advance.

Ogy Mantaring
Muntinlupa, Philippines

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