Bureau price structure

From: Mnr. D de Beer (DDEBEER@ENG.TOFS.AC.ZA)
Date: Tue Aug 12 1997 - 14:19:05 EEST

Dear RP-world

I hope this one is allowed:

We are starting a service bureau at our institution, offering SLA and
Sanders to the industry in SA.

Our problem lies in the fact that there is only one other service
bureau active - with comments from industry that prices for RP
services in SA is way too expensive, and much cheaper available from
international bureau's.

I would appreciate it if therewould be some of the service bureau's
active on this list, that would be willing to share their price
structures with me.

I would like to offer SA industry a fair chance in using the
technology, since we are on the educational and promotional side of
new technology. Any information that I can use to justify a price
structure, would be welcome.

Of course - any information given to me would be treated as
confidential, and would not be used without permission.

Best Regards
Deon de Beer


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