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Date: Wed Aug 13 1997 - 00:47:41 EEST

I understand that Z-Corp makes parts from some kind of starch - Those
might be edible - otherwise I think your suggestion might be cause for
some kind of litigation (Society being what it is today)

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Subject: re: Self Destruct code in a .stl file

An stl file is simply a list of points. There is no way to include code
that will be executed. The only way to destry them is to delete them
yourself or through a progam on your system written in whatever scripting

I am assuming the reason for your inquery is that you are sending files
outside of your company to a service bureau and don't want them
distributed. The only thing you have to rely on is trust in this case,
unless you are willing to go out to their site, cut all communications and
utility lines, block the facility from view to disrupt line of site or
satelite transmissions, keep the operator captive while the part builds,
and then blow up the building as you leave. To be absolutely sure no one
trys to reverse engineers your design, you should probably eat the part.

Sorry, got a little bit carried away...

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>From zedand00 <>, on 8/12/97 2:04 PM:
Hello list,

a technical querry. Does anyone know how to include code in a .stl file
that would destroy the file after a specified time period? Any tips
clues pointers or url's would be appreciated.


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