Re(2):New RP Stuff

Date: Wed Aug 13 1997 - 09:05:07 EEST

Dear Frank t

I'm not sure followings meet your needs but we're doing such related to RP
1) RP model making
   We make the models that can stand for the high temperature up to 250 celsius
   Many of our customers, Japanese big car makers mount our products such as
   intake manifold onto their prototype engine for their actual trial of new
2) Mold Flow Analysis
   We use and distribute the Mold Flow Analysis soft 'Timon' made by Toray.
   The reason we use this software is that this soft can run by STL file (means
   this software doesn't depend on the CAD and the data is much light), and
   is really the 3D solid analysis that can bring the more exact result of
   analysis than existing analysis soft like moldflow.
3) Visual Flow Analysis
   We can make the very transparent silicone mold reversed by the pattern made
   of RP. Because this mold is transparent enough to see the liquid flow into
   the mold as far as you can create the same viscosity as your actual material
   , we believe this process also is to some extent helpful for your flow
If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the followings.
Masuo Namme
Director Overseas
Shonan Design CoLtd
Fax: 81-427-71-9744
Tel: 81-427-75-0448

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