Programers Joke

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Date: Wed Aug 13 1997 - 13:21:46 EEST

Programmers Joke

A programmer, a mechanical engineer, and a
manager were on their way to a
meeting. They were driving down a steep, winding,
mountain road with many
switchbacks, when suddenly the brakes failed. The
car ran off the road,
bounced down the mountain, rolled over a few times,
bumped into some rocks,
and finally stopped only a few feet from the road
below. No one was hurt,
but they had a problem. They were on a mountain with
no brakes in the car.

"Let's have a meeting," the manager said. "Propose a
Vision, formulate a
Mission Statement, define some Goals, and by a
process of Continuous
Mission Improvement focusing on our Core Business,
find a solution to this
Critical Problem."

"No, no," said the mechanical engineer. "That's never
solved anything.
I've got two shirt hangars, half a roll of duct tape, and a
Swiss army
knife. Give me a few minutes, and the brakes will be
good enough to get us
to the nearest gas station."

"Wait," said the programmer. "Before we do anything,
I think we should
push the car back up the road and see if it happens

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